From the G1 to the iPhone

The transition from the G1 to the iPhone was not all peaches and cream, whoa where the heck did that come from?  You would figure that going from a beta product of sorts to a highly polished device would be easy.  My wife and I found out that was not the case.

The one thing the Android platform teaches a user is that the device will never have the need to be connected to a computer for updates.  Since Keyla and I are avid Gmailers with our contacts and emails, we love the fact that once we ‘logged on’ to our G1s, all services were synced.  We were spoiled by the fact that sometimes our G1 phones would get emails faster than the web interface.  We love that contacts are created dynamically based on email traffic and our calenders are transparent from web to phone.  Yes, Google owns us.

Due to such terrible service from T-Mobile, we were forced to leave the Google’s nest and find refuge on ATT’s iPhone.  There is no denying the fact that the iPhone is damn sexy.  There is no flexing or creaking that Keyla and I gotten used to with our G1s.  The build quality of the iPhone kind of made our G1s look dated even though the iPhone was the older product.  The shocking thing that made the iPhone seem old was the fact that you had to dock with iTunes in order to update your phone and sync services.  To use ical, address book and other Apple-specific services made me feel like I had a WinMo device in my hand with ActiveSync. *shudder*  I could almost tolerate that if I did not have so many contacts and a killer calendar on Google.  Plus accessing gmail with the built-in mail application was painful as folder sync was not dynamic.  Thankfully someone came up with a stellar solution.  NuevaSync will use the exchange services on your iPhone and sync your contacts AND calendar from Google.  Since they still do not support email from Google just yet, I had to create a shortcut on the home screen to gmail.com.  Google provides a stellar mobile version of their email services.

With email, contacts and calendar out of the way, I need access to chat.  There are a few, hell a lot, of chat apps in the app store on the iPhone but none of them gelled with me… yet.  Once again, web services came to the rescue as Meebo has a great mobile version of their chat system. The downside is the lack of notification away from the service.  On the G1, I would get notified if someone wants to chat as the service runs in the background.  That was a free service.  It seems like I have to pay for the same level of access on the iPhone.

So far it seems web services are the way to go now that many companies are making their products mobile-aware.  There are times however when an app would work better than the web.  Facebook for iPhone and Twitterriffic definitely were great additions to my home screen but what about the other apps I loved on my G1:

  • Phoneflix
  • Shazam
  • SnapTell
  • ShopSavvy
  • WordPress
  • BuddyMob
  • PapiJump

All were there but BuddyMob and ShopSavvy.  Sadly both are Android specific and may never come over to the iPhone due to sdk restrictions.  BuddyMob was cool but ShopSavvy ruled when it came to finding pricing on almost ANYTHING that you shop.  I came to appreciate the service.

A couple of things found on the iPhone that made the transition easier was Pandora, Google Earth and Google mobile app.  I am not sure why Google Earth was not on G1 but it works well on the iPhone.  Google mobile apps is sweet as you speak your search request and Google returns with surprisingly accurate results.  Pandora is by far the only way to listen to music online.

So though I miss my G1, I am starting to get comfortable with the iPhone.  Who knows, maybe I will come to like it as well, maybe even love it.  Such damning words from an Android lover.


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