Future of mobile web

mobilizeGigaom posted a summary from five user experience experts at this year’s Mobilize 09 event on their views of what mobile web challenges are in the near future.  They covered topics such as connectivity, gestures and marketing.  Sadly there were only snippets of quotes from the panel so not much can be gathered of the overall perception of the discussion.  Even though there were not a lot of meat, there were a couple of great quotes from this article:

Robin Boyar, Founder, thinktank research & strategy : Give anything you’re developing to your 7-year-old kid and 70-year-old mother.

and this:

Augmented reality: This “is the opportunity that’s just going to blow the lid off of everything,” said Gershbein. “That’s the moment when you stop looking down at a device and hold up a lens to the world.” Mobile users could emerge from their insulated bubble of staring into their handsets and back into the social context, she said.


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