No Bridge

On my way to work, I cross over this very gentle stream…um, the bridge is a bit under water right now. With all the rain that has fallen over central Texas these last couple of months, it takes very little to flood any waterway. Everyday I count my blessings that we bought a home on high ground.

I am officially addicted to Warhawk. The dogfights are ridiculous, armored battles are crazy fun and the tactics being flushed out are amazingly deep. If you have a dependable online player, dogfights are crazy fun with a wingman. Bringing down an enemy who is in a chase pattern with your wing leader is fun when you can talk. “Bank hard left, and I will cut him off!” I actually heard that in my ear and executed the request, next thing you know, you hear explosions coming from your rear right speakers as the dude chasing you goes down in flames. Surround sound is killer in this game. Damn, Top Gun all over again!

As for the ground battles, nothing beats a good game of Zones. Marching forward and capturing bases are fun as long as your team is willing to work together. It takes time but when executed, it is fun to watch. I love dumping grenades in pillboxes and using the flame thrower to prevent anyone from coming out.

One thing that kills the game is getting onto an official Sony server. If you don’t, all the work you accumulate during a game is not recorded to your online profile. So it is not uncommon to take 20 minutes to get onto an official server. I hope this will change soon.

Thankfully I have a very loving wife that cheers me on and kids who sit in the front roll of our theater that watches the game as if it were a movie (BTW, there are not the usual be-headings or heavy blood as seen in other FPS games which makes viewing the game for little ones possible).

Thank you Sony for finally releasing a game that is fun.


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