Gaming on the go

phone_gamingAt this year’s GDC, Tero Ojanpera of Nokia talked about the importance of social networking and distribution of gaming through mobile phones.  Ojanpera estimated by 2012, 40% of game revenues will be coming from players of emerging markets that do not have access to high end computer gear or broadband connectivity but will carry a mobile device.  These users’ online experience will be shaped by what can be delivered through their cell phones.  The expectation is not to strip out features and dumb down a game but rather build on the strength of a mobile device, say it with me folks, by adding location awareness and social tools. But with cloud power, who is to say we cannot have Crysis on the phones as well?

As mobile connectivity deepens, we are witnessing development that is creating virtual environments we are already familiar with on our smartphones.  Genkii’s virtual world for the iPhone is basically Second Life on the go:

sparkle_iphone_first_virtual_world-630x338But what if we can take the game we enjoy from home and play on our phone with friends or set up a gaming session with our gaming guild?  Raptr is Facebook for gaming that will connect gamers to game, that will take care of getting a game session started, what about porting the game to the phone?  Kotaku is reporting on a new service called OnLive that will use cloud computing to handle the pixel crushing games and deliver them to your aging hardware or even to your TV:

onlive4Can this be possible on a cell phone?  It may be sooner than you think.  Last year, Tech Crunch gave us a preview of a 3D environment rendered in the cloud that can potentially be pushed to a cell phones from a company called LiveSpace:

So soon I hope to pull up a copy of Biosphere on my phone and game with Manny, Bryan and others while waiting for my next flight.  That would rock.

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