Good Times

My Kiddos

What can I say, I am a sappy dad that has way too much fun with my kiddos. It is a bit like Peter Pan as I hope we never grow up. With adversity regardless if it is from work or elsewhere, nothing calms the soul better than a child’s smile. You could be angry at events that just unfolded, then a burst of uncontrollable laughter comes drifting from the back of your car by those oblivious to what just happen, enjoying a moment of innocence that you succumb to as well. Child’s play reminds you of days where the only deadline that mattered was finding a place to hide before the count reached ‘one’. Tension felt in meetings pale in comparison when you step up to home plate for the first time in hopes to get a hit.

We spend every waking day as children in hopes to be taken seriously and could not wait to grow up to only spend the rest of our lives trying to capture the innocence lost. Children gives us the excuse to act childish again and not be judge for such actions. Our children takes care of us as much as we take care of them. Life is good when we laugh, and I thank them for teaching me how to have fun all over again. Good times indeed.


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