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Today I celebrated father’s day with my Keyla and no little kiddies. I was a bit sad but Keyla did everything she could to make it special. New toys added to my collection is a watch box from Bombay to hold all my favorite watches, like my TAG Heuer Carrera I shot here, and a new iPod Shuffle to replace the old one I used to death for working out and traveling. Plus we went out and got new cell phones. We needed phones that can send text messages with ease but we did not want a business class model. We ended up with the LG enV. So far it has been a blast. The screen on the outside could be a bit bigger, but the sharp second screen more than makes up for the outer appearances. Plus the camera on the phone is not that bad, two megapixels provides a shaper image than expected.

All in all, I had a great day. We video IM’ed with the kiddies in Panama for a bit and then crashed on the couch playing with our phones. I love the fact that my wife is a gadget lover. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. In fact, she stated that our next phone will be the iPhone, god I love her.


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  1. So…about your watch. Is it an automatic? Pictures, damnit! I must have watch porn. I want to see the movement. I didn’t know Asia Carrera let TAG Heuer use her name :P.

  2. 🙂
    I love this watch. Yes it is automatic, you can get it started by a quick wind of the dial if you have not worn it for a while. Once it is started, your movement does the rest. The “second” hand is for the stop watch feature. I love the movement, it is liquid smooth.

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