Great idea lost…maybe


Have you ever thought of something that could be great and shared it with a love one to get the much needed assurance that you idea is useful only to find out someone has taken it a step further and put it into production? Connecting people through cell phones that have never met seemed like a great idea. More so if you put into the mix a way to just find each other and hang out. Dodgeball does this almost the way I envisioned it should be done. It is a service that connects your cellphone with your friends and use the “friends of friends” feature to create a larger social circle. Google acquired the tech and the way I understand it, has left it on the back burner to simmer. Now it is a great start and has a lot of potential. I will be following the news on how Google will be managing this tech as I have a couple of ideas that can make it better…hotter. I best move on it before someone else does.


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