HAL – The future is now

halCool tech but the company that is leading the charge already has a rich history with Sci-Fi fans.  Cyberdyne Systems of Japan (Terminator anyone) with Daiwa House is now mass producing the HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) system for around $4,200 US.

The system can be used to assist members of our society with diminished movement (our elderly) or industry (heavy lifters).  Sadly this will not provide much use for those who are paralyzed due to how the system gathers information to provide assistance.  Pads are placed on the specific areas of the body to detect low bio-electric signals generated by specific movements.   Those movements are then amplified by the suit controlled by the user.

This suits conjures up cool thoughts of a first generation Iron Man or a futuristic battle suit.  I wonder if they will have some kind of layaway program or loan.  Heck, I would love to do a demo if possible.  Is this something I can play with at a local Sharper Image store?  Oh yeah, they went out of business.

Thanks h+ Magazine for the post.


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