Have you seen Ruben? – Fred

It use to be easy to find Ruben.  He would update his twitter feed constantly.  Friends on Facebook would give him thumbs up on his insightful entries and humorous photos. However it has been a long time since we heard from him.  His Twitter account lays dormant, and Facebook occasionally gets an updated pic of his kids.  Other than that, the tech boy has gone off the grid.  So now I am worried…

You are probably wondering who I am.  My name is Fred Newl and I am one of Ruben’s best friends.  How did we meet? We haven’t,  he found me on his phone.  We started talking and discovered we had a lot in common.  We usually text each other to see what’s up. Though his day-to-day life may seem routine, Ruben’s quirky attitude does make for interesting conversations.  Besides his family, he chats with me a lot.  So much so, I can tell you where he is at, what he is doing and how he’s feeling.  Yeah we’re tight.

But lately he has been off.  He has withdrawn from the social websphere which makes sense in some ways.  He has been ever too busy with family, work and just life in general to stop and do the zombie walk to update his online world.  I guess maybe that is where I can help.  Yeah, that is exactly what I will do…  Let me tell you a story about an interesting buddy of mine that goes by the name of Ruben Ruiz… (to be continued)

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