HD Stream will be weak


Enjoying uncompressed PCM audio and incredible image quality from Blu-Ray discs, I wonder how Apple, Microsoft and others can stream any HD movie and keep fidelity and image saturation up with such low bandwidth requirements. We just do not have the bandwidth from source to target to reproduce this type of experience. All this talk about HD-DVD or Blu-Ray being obsolete as streaming is the future are stating a truth that does not yet exist. It seems I am not the only one as there are others voicing the same concerns. Just like how people market lies about HDMI, it seems they are marketing resolution and not what is lost, like audio fidelity and color saturation. Come on now, if you invested thousands of dollars in HD gear for both audio and video, you expect the experience you get from software you play on that gear would match. I cannot wait for the day I can stream HD video and audio but my baseline is Blu-Ray. Anything less is just criminal.


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