Heroes and Neflix

So Keyla and I took some time out yesterday and wanted to see what all the hype is about with the NBC series Heroes. You see, we never saw a complete episode.  Sure we caught a couple of minutes here or there but the story was so confusing that we gave up.  After taking care of our Saturday morning errands, Keyla and I took a moment to watch the first episode of Heroes from season one on Netflix.  Ten episodes back to back and we are now officially hooked.  Damn instant watch option from Netflix.  The video quality was shockingly good and the audio was engrossing.  We will most likely wrap up season one today and start season two so that we can be caught up for the season premier of season three tomorrow.  Now the sad thing about tomorrow is that Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles has also been very good.  Terminator and Heroes will be back to back so our Monday will be filled.  It is very funny considering we have no cable or satellite and actually watch very little tv to begin with and yet here we are looking forward to a couple of great shows.  All honesty Keyla and I are sci-fi junkies and miss shows like X-Files, ST-TNG, ST-V, ST-DS9, Babylon 5, and Battle Star Galatica. Heroes season one is so X-Men with the storyline of the professor, people discovering powers and those who wish to suppress them.  We are hooked.  It looks like a marathon run to the premier.

We also need to do the same for The Office and figure out what is all the hype about that.  Damn Netflix, why must your streams look so good on the big screen? It is better than HBO.


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