Honored but wait if I had these skills, I would want more!

As usual, head hunters are hitting my inbox. Here is the latest one:

We have your profile on file and I would like to find out if you would be interested in a position we currently have available with one of our clients.  I have included the job description below for your review.  If you are interested in this project, please reply to my email with a Word formatted resume.

Thank you.

Location: Austin, TX
Duration: 4-6 month contract
Title: Senior Software Engineer
Client: Dell
Rate: W2 only

Responsible for the design and/or development of software for platforms, peripherals, applications or tools using a range of applicable technologies (e.g., programming languages, compilers, assemblers and other tools) and state-of-the-art software engineering methodologies. Responsible for the delivery of products within budget, schedule, and quality guidelines. The Software Engineer Job Family includes engineering positions for the development and support of applications, databases, diagnostics, firmware, drivers, BIOS, utilities, and scripts

Develop Software
Test Software
Develop Test Strategy and Test Cases
Integrate Software
Deliver Complete Software
Maintain Software

Experience: 8-10 years

Programming Languages
SQA (Software Quality Assurance)
Software Engineer
SQL (Structured Query Language)
Software Installation & Upgrade
Interface Design (GUI)

The knowledge requested is a bit broad and much of it I can honestly say I do not have but if I did, why would I take a job that only has a lifespan of six months? 8-10 years of experience is desired yet Dell only would like to use me for less than half a year. I hope no one out there with this wide range skill-set would ever seriously consider something so short-sighted. I guess I should not look at this so negatively. We do live in an on-demand society. Why should those we employ be any different?

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