I am modest damn it!

Just as I completed my last post about how I cannot wait for the new projectors to come out, I read a story about bleeders like me who are not very modest and possibly arrogant.  Me arrogant, NEVER!  I like to try things out even if mainstream does not catch on *cough* Sony Reader PRS500 *cough*.   I just hate to buy something after it becomes popular.  And if I have options along with the tech, I will max it out.  Why buy the entry model?  A gadget will last longer with all options maxed out.  Yeah, I am the focus of jokes in my house when it comes to buying things.  What I spend on one gadget can easily last a year for Keyla and others when it comes to shopping fun.  What can I say, I love my gadgets, until a newer version comes out…


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