I bid my beloved Android G1 goodbye…

I loved my G1 phone.  I loved where Google’s Android platform was heading and was ever so excited about the ‘cupcake’ update.  So obviously it was a pained decision made ever so easy due to the service.  I knew T-Mobile’s network was small but the extent was glaring where my wife worked.  Where Verizon provided a strong signal, she got nothing from T-Mobile.  It seemed pointless to spend good money on data services that cannot be used or even worse have a cell phone that cannot perform the most basic of functions, making/receiving calls.

The situation was made worse with a billing cycle that even the CSR could not understand nor adjust the schedule per our request.  Of the three months we were customers, our service was suspended every thirty days.  Suffice to say, we had enough.  It was time to move on.

I wanted to be on a platform that is developer friendly so the only options available were the iPhone or the Palm Pre.  Why not the Blackberry or a WinMo device? Blackberry is too ‘corporate’ and feels old.  Yes they have a large developer base but the energy seemed lacking.  This is by far not a technical perspective, just the vibe I get from the apps and forums.  As for WinMo, MS has let the platform go.  It is still a PDA in it’s core with a phone layer on top.  Seamless integration is not MS philosophy.  I know this may change for the MWC in February but I am not seeing a lot of excitement from that camp.

The Palm Pre is by far the most exciting new development to come out this year. An OS with a true web front-end.  WebOS looks killer and easy to develop for.  But the Pre is exclusive to Sprint, yet another smaller network player.  Even though I am extremely excited about the phone, I do not want another T-Mobile.

So that leaves the iPhone and ATT.  Keyla and I went to Best Buy and picked up two 8GB iPhones and we started our transition.  So far, day one has been great!  Keyla can text, call and surf on her new phone and I hate to admit it but the phone is damn cool.  I will post a blog entry for those migrating from the G1 to iPhone.. you know, for the 10 or so folks out there.

It has been a bittersweet journey.  Will I go back? Only if ATT provides an Android handset and I do hope that happens soon.  But for now, it is time to bask in the warm glow of the Apple’s spinner.

2 thoughts on “I bid my beloved Android G1 goodbye…

  1. Hey. How do you like the keyboard compared to a physical qwerty keyboard? Do you get used to the lack of tactile feedback? I used my sister-in-law’s once and it felt a little weird. I wondered if I could get used to it. Maybe someday i can put android on my tilt…

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