I want it now! Blow up anyone around the world within two hours.

Yep, you gotta love our need for instant gratification. The Gov just dropped a cool $100 million on a project to hit any target on this planet in under two hours. PLUS we will also be able to tell if this sucka is nuclear or not! Now that is progress. Hey I blame all this on the cable companies and their onDemand access. No seriously I am not sure to laugh at this absurdity or cry for my kids. I guess what disturbs me the most is the fact that we are steadily moving toward first strike capabilities. Given what we know about the worlds capabilities to match US firepower, we are sending the wrong message. Tolerance will no longer be accepted and with the US inability to understand it’s own citizens, how do we expect our leaders to understand the world? The world does not revolve around American policy and though I love my country, I fear the ignorance toward others that is growing within our own borders is leaching out to the world. To understand our place we must first understand who we are. In the end, we are encouraging fear not peace. Oh god, this is starting to sound like a freedom speech, but crappier. Regardless of how I feel, this is a reality that will must come to accept… or should we?


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