Ignorance equates my last name to Janitorial work

The other day I was reading on Engadget about a woman with the same last name as mine suing AMD due to her duties as a clean room worker and birth defects of her child. There was a comment by another reader that stated:

…oh she might be a janitor cause of her last name…

Apparently Engadget’s moderator has since pulled the comment but there are some residual attacks still in the comments section. I am not surprise by such comments as they are common. What troubles me is how people distance themselves with such comments. By taking a superior position, this person can now reflect upon the situation and place the blame squarely on the shoulders of the victim, as if they got what they deserve. If the situation was different, and you know what I mean, the outcome would be “closer to home” and an outpouring of sympathy and aid would occur. As I discussed in the past in the realm of video game systems, the give and take here is still childish. What frightens me is that in this arena, people not ego gets hurt. That is something that should never be tolerated.


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