Innocence… if I believe

Watching the sunset puts my mind at ease. Sometimes Katalina climbs onto my lap and watch the citrus colors swim across the horizon. Other times, Keyla hands me beer/wine as we talk about a day that has just ended. The wonderful aspect of our lives is the ability to tune into each other using nature as the catalyst. Little do we realize, or I guess want to, the craziness that surrounds us. Planes that paint the skies with slivers of clouds, carry people or packages to their homes. Who knew that one had nuclear warheads attached to it’s wings. Should we really care? And if we do, honestly what are our options? We are great whiners but in the end, we get tossed a bone and soon things return to the way it was regardless. Bitter as it sounds, I feel that our great nation has spent far too many years cleaning the homes of others. Our security, regardless of what is expressed in the media, is as lax as ever. Do we honestly believe we are safer now than ever before? As a former Cold War child, I felt safer in Germany during the mid eighties than I do now back in the land where I was born. My children are living in uncertain times where the metal toys I loved are replaced by “safe” plastic replicas that are potentially dangerous to their health. Eating a salad may be a danger to one’s health and with a gun-slinging leader, it seems like everyone is potentially our enemy. Say what you will about the cold war, but at least we knew who we were dealing with.

The more you think about it, the darker the skies become. It seems that we have dug such a hole that there is really no way to back out. And staying with this analogy, the hole is the terrible war that no longer, or never did, makes any sense and the dirt removed is a reflection of the state of affairs here in the US. At this point, what makes the most sense? dig or fill?

My frustration is obliviously not an isolated one as the nation mobilize to enact change; however with all the momentum generated from the fallacy of our leadership, I fear the pendulum may swing too far to the left and actions would only become reactionary, hence a bone would be tossed… What we should do is re-focus our efforts state-side. Rebuild our social infrastructure. Restore the nation’s faith into all governing bodies (FDA, FEMA, INS, etc) by providing constant leadership to ensure agencies’ mission are in line with what the nation envision. Rebuild social programs to protect our children. You want a warzone to go to and spend billions? Send our people into the poorest areas of our “great” nation and help rebuild local infrastructure. Grand dream and far-fetched but after hearing horrible stories of millions lost in foreign hands, how much really is this a stretch?

The more I think about it, the more the innocence of this nation is lost. I am sadden that we have lost our direction. So I take a deep breath, take a swig of wine, and watch the sun slowly set in all it’s glory, and somehow my faith is restored… I still believe.


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