iPhone 3GS and AT&T- yawn

iphone3gsYeah I know, this all happened yesterday. So why report it today? Well that is the level of excitement the iPhone 3GS generated, for me atleast.  I guess I got wrapped up with all the cool hype about a matte backing, or video conferencing, or Steve Jobs pulling the new phone out after his famous, “One more thing.”  No, instead we got the iPhone 3GS. An incremental upgrade to the 3G. Yeah, the tone is that of disappointment.  The 3GS does have an auto-focus 3mpix camera that can do video, a compass and voice control (oh that last one can SOO be turned on for current 3G iphones) but that is it really.  The iPhone 3.0 software would give all iPhone users cut/paste, landscape keyboards across all apps and voice memos.  We also get MMS but only when AT&T is ready to roll that out (meaning it will not be available at launch).  Tethering is also an option, not from AT&T, starting to see a pattern?  PLUS if I did want to upgrade, I have to pay hundreds more per phone and sign up for another two year contract.  Hmm, let’s see the Palm Pre had a killer launch and is a true contender to the iPhone, Apple looked a little weak with their incremental upgrade and AT&T is crippling iPhone users even more by locking out current users from the discounted rate.  With money being as tight as it is now, I am looking for something that says I should buy now from Apple or AT&T. I’m not seeing it.

I love my iPhone but I think I am going to wait it out for the next iteration of the iPhone and hopefully on Verizon’s network.  With the shaky ground AT&T’s exclusive deal with Apple and the desire to gouge it’s current user base with pricing and delayed launching of features, there is no real incentives to lock yourself in with AT&T beyond the initial contract.


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