iPhone OS 3.0 – wanting change


All the major tech sites are prepping for next week’s Apple event, March 17th 1pm EST, that will showcase a preview of OS 3.0 for the mobile platform as well as a new update to the SDK.  I am excited but not for the obvious.  Here is what I mean.

The Obvious:

  • Apps running in the background
  • Push notification from ANY app
  • CUT and PASTE
  • Video recording
  • Photos on SMS

The Not So Obvious:

  • Removal/minimize of app approval process
  • Themes
  • SDK on Linux (or Windows)
  • Do everything over 3g (wireless optional)

Of all the features listed, I hope for more developer freedom.  Stories about silly app rejections will not end well for the JesusPhone.  Soon Apple will not be able to say, “there’s an app for that…” if they keep screwing with their developers.  Here’s hoping…


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