It is a New Year! Time to add a couple of things

Well 2007 is officially over and we are ready to start a new year. First thing first, I have to assure all my family around the world that I will fight off this painful cough that has been nagging me now for eight weeks. For my mother in Colorado, I will get a lot of ginseng root and take a daily dose of lemon and honey. For Mr. Sween in Kuwait, I will drink my water and take my medicine. For Mrs. Sween in Panama, I will turn off the A/C at night and keep myself warm. Thank you all for your concern. It is much appreciated.

Now turning toward the new year, there are just a few things I would like to do:

  1. Compete in at least five competitive events (place in one)
  2. Complete one tech certification (PMI or MySQL sounds good)
  3. Become proficient with Spanish (Keyla will help me there)
  4. Get my six-pack for the pool (almost there!)
  5. Train at least three times a week (looks like an early deal)
  6. Attend church at least once a month (yeah, it is that bad)
  7. Participate in three community/charity events (need to start giving back and not just through money)
  8. Learn to play one instrument (the piano sounds like a great place to start)

That seems like a good start. Let’s see if I can get through this list before I add more. I think this is very do-able. I guess we will find out, won’t we. Well any way have a good new year’s day and I wish everyone the best of luck. Love, peace and happiness.


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