It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it’s a super-delegate!

It seems with the race so close on the demo side of politics, the super-delegates will need to step in and help us decide who will run in the general election. Up to now, I did not know what a super-delegate was. Kind of interesting that there is a group of people that is to maintain objectivity and be an extension of the public that is so far has been evenly divided. They represent the final vote in the selection process of a candidate. Makes you wonder how long before the public starts to attack these delegates in hopes to swing their support. If you are so incline, here is the list of super-delegates that have not committed to any of the candidates running. This might help the process along.

From caucuses to super-delegates, this has been by far the most enjoyable political education in recent years. Though I voted every year, I wonder why I was never this invested before. I guess I never been so desperate to kick out the guy that is currently holding a public office before.


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