Jesus Phone – the birth, the sacrafice, and now re-birth…

Whew, how about that, Apple knocking off two hundred dollars off the iPhone. Some call that the removal of the “nerd tax“. This is kind of old news now but still it is funny as hell. In many ways, the phone DID live the life of the main man of Christianity! How? Well, the coming of the phone was like no other. People willing to wait and follow it’s teaching (*cough technology cough*). Those who were true (heh, not me), gave so much as the phone sacrificed it’s royalty so mere mortals can now enjoy the wonders of it’s embrace. Now the second coming, face sunken from the sacrifice and weakened without all it’s power, the new iPod Touch is ready to continue it’s work to convert the blasphemous lovers of other mp3 gods.

Yes, the all mighty GOD (*cough Steve Jobs cough*) is proud that his son still has the strength to continue where he has left off (*cough niche computers cough*). I must say, with the choir of angles (*cough other lesser iPods cough*), heaven here on earth is not so bad. If you can afford to get pass the gate keeper of Heaven (*cough Apple store cash register cough*).


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