Karateka, yet another faded memory to rise again

The creator of Prince of Persia Jordan Mechner is returning to his roots by bringing back from the dead one of my first fighting games I played on my monster 386 I built back in the day. Karateka was simple and yet frustrating as it was easy to die and thus returning you to the start the game since there were no saves. Heck even when you finish the game and rescue the princess, if you approach her in a fighting stance, she will kill you. That was the beauty of the game, it made you scream “NOOOOO!” at the top of your lungs just when you figured you were done. Yes, I did not walk away from my computer untill I finished this abomination.

I am looking forward to the remake, I am sure Jordan will polish it up and make it as frustrating as I remembered it. Wow, it seems like the 80’s are making a killer comeback. First Tron and now Karateka. It is time to jump up and dance!


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