Layar – the future of mobile browsing

layarLayar is a new cool mobile browser that adds an augmented reality layer.  By using your mobile camera, information is displayed on your screen about your surroundings.  Treating the image as one layer, it is possible to ‘stack’ many layers of information using the API.  This would be a goldmine for tourists. Signing up companies to provide information or advertise is the next logical step.  Sadly the browser is only available on the Android platform. Damn, I knew I should had never given up my G1.

Layar has some cool features which include:

  • Switching easily between layers
  • Radar widget to give you an overview
  • Logobar to indicate which layer is active
  • Link through to mobile websites
  • Integrated map view
  • Custom filters for each layers (like distance, category, search box)

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