LDAP and me

It seems that on top of becoming a developer (still something I struggle with), I have been tasked with becoming an LDAP administrator. Thankfully I will not be alone in this endeavor as my co-worker has been pulled in as well. What knowledge do I have with LDAP? What little Andrew has taught me over the years at Colorado College is the extent of it. Does that mean I can design a DIT (Directory Information Tree)? Nope, just know not to mess things up. With David’s deep knowledge we should be able to design, build and launch an LDAP instance in a matter days. David IM’ed me with just one word…”huh?” Yes, he too is a noob to the LDAP world. Plus it will be on a Sun One implementation. Sweet! Let’s see how I can do this quickly. Come on web, don’t fail me now!


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