Link update

Been wild and been crazy. Lov’n life and had not much time doing the blog but while I was away, a couple of things happened:

  • McCain selected Sarah Palin in hopes to grab Hillary’s vote (how insulting to Hillary’s support base)
  • Gustav is making it’s way to the gulf states, it may be an issue for us Austinites as well.
  • Would like the US economy to stabilize? Vote Democrat!
  • I am a huge CU fan. CU is where Keyla and I feel deeply in love with each other. Never gave CSU much thought, I guess I should.
  • Thought the movie mode in the Nikon D90 was cool but the rumor specs of my 5D replacement looks amazing! HD movie mode…
  • Chevy Volt actually got me excited about possibly buying domestic for the first time (huge Nissan, Toyota and Honda lover) but that dash has got to go!

Well that is all folks.

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