Making My Own Workout App

As I went to the gym with my son, I fired up Jefit on an old iPod Touch I borrowed from my boy only to discover that the developers have upped the minimum requirements.  I need iOS 5 or higher to run it now, which sadly the old device I was using is not capable of supporting.

I am a bit of a fitness junkie, not so much in looking cut but rather enjoy using the tech that goes with the industry.  I tried a multitude of devices and mobile apps till I found one that works seamlessly with the way I exercise.  Jefit has a great selection of routines to select from that is community created, rated, and supported.  The app has a fantastic ability to keep you on task with your sets and rewards you when you beat your one rep max.

Since I do not have an iPhone or an Android device but rather a WP8 phone, I asked the developers if they intend to support Windows Phone 8 in their forums.  Without feedback from the dev team, I tweeted a sad note about the lack of Jefit on my phone to which I got a vague response:

I wouldn’t be bothered with the lack of application support on my phone if Jefit had a decent mobile web interface to enter my daily workout but they do not, hence my new pet project.  I am going to create a simple mobile web application proof of concept that will allow me to continue to track my workout.  Things I will need:

  • Managing routines
  • Creating workouts
  • Selecting days
  • Adding exercises
  • Create sets
  • Time between sets

All this that can easily be accessed from my Lumia 920. It will be fun to dust off the rust I’ve developed over the years from relying on others to create apps I need.  Plus it will give me a chance to really cut into the changes in HTML5.  Now it’s time to  prototype!


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