Me WANT – Logitech Squeezebox Duet (CES)

The Consumer Electronic Show or CES is about to fire up in Vegas next week. Reports are coming in all over the place on what some vendors will show this year. With HD taking center stage, this may be one of the best shows for gadget junkies like myself. I would LOVE to go to CES on day, but till then, I am glued to my broadband pipe trying to eyeball every announcement coming down the line.

For music lovers, Keyla and me, the latest version of the Squeezebox Duet from Logitech sounds incredible. Logitech will be showing off their updated Squeezebox that will share any and all music you have in your collection as well as online services such as Pandora, one of my favorite sites for intelligent online radio, to any audio system in your home. Plus it has one killer remote that will show you what is being played. It will cost you as the base unit will be around $400 with additional receivers hovering around $150 each. Toys like these are never cheap but you have to pay for the kind of freedom a system like this gives.


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