Me want MORE – Netflix and LG are making a set-top box (CES)

Netflix and LG are teaming up to make a set-top box to stream movies directly from the web to your TV. The streaming services is already part of my subscription to Netflix and we tried it for the bedroom. It worked as well as expected. Nothing close to DVD quality but viewable and we did not have to wait for our mailer to show up. That was a nice feature if you want to watch a movie in the spur of the moment. Now with news of a hardware solution for the TV, this should simplify many setups like mine and allow movies to be streamed from a click of a button. I would love to find the specs on this box. It would be killer if it will support HD. Every LCD/projector in my home is wired for broadband so it just a matter of adding this box, or boxes, to each tv. Oh I pray the cost will be in the low hundreds or this could get expensive quickly.


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