Mobile Internet – part of our daily lives

cs_logoComscore posted data on mobile internet usage between January 2008 to January 2009.  An interesting nugget, of the 63.2 million users that access mobile news in January 2009, 22.4 million did so on a daily basis.

“Over the course of the past year, we have seen use of mobile Internet evolve from an occasional activity to being a daily part of people’s lives,” observed Mark Donovan, senior vice president, mobile, comScore. “This underscores the growing importance of the mobile medium as consumers become more reliant on their mobile devices to access time-sensitive and utilitarian information.”

This is just a reflection of the need to access up to date information in an ‘on-demand’ way.  Now that we are seeing saturation rates as described above, there will be incentives for mobile network providers to escalate the delivery of higher bandwidth and more handsets.  The next interesting data point will be the number of smartphones vs. feature handsets.  Will we see providers simply add html-compliant browsers to devices like the Razr or forgo the simple handset and make everything like the iPhone?

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