Mobile Tech is now Mobile Dad

It has been awhile since I posted anything of meaning on this blog and that started to bother me.  It was not like I stop tracking technology, I am doing that more so than ever before, yet I find that I am too busy to relay what I discovered on the web to this space.  Since the holidays, I have been kept busy with home projects, or moving my family from point A to point B, C and D.  Then it hit me.  My life revolves around my family.

I race home everyday to be an important part of my family’s life.  I surround myself with first and fourth grade homework.  I whisper encouragement to my son as he move from his back stance in karate.  I cover the hands of my kiddos as they practice their piano lessons.  When my lovely wife takes my daughter to her gymnastics practice while my son does his homework, I do what a man who survived this long without any meaningful cooking experience can do to help prepare a meal with some nutritional value.  And when it is all over, I fall into bed with my wife as we giggle and laugh about the craziness that just ended.

So where do technology fit in all of this?  Well for me it has to fit in my pants pocket or over my shoulder.  It has to able to update me quickly about what is going on beyond my vision and definitely light.  I guess that is why I love mobile tech more so than just technology in general.  This is where this blog will shift slightly.  The focus will still be on mobile tech but updates will revolve around my activities with my family.

What mobile tech do I have now?  Well the iPhone is a big player as well as my netbook.  I would love to incorporate a tablet, but that will depend on a vendor that can produce a device that is close to a paper notebook with web access!  Until then, I will use what I have to keep this blog alive.  What’s the plan for tomorrow?  Piano and updates on Apple’s plan on Wednesday announcement!  The kids are in bed as my wife and I watch in frustration as the Vikings give away a game they should have locked up against the Saints.  Good night blogsphere.  Talk to you tomorrow.


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