Mobile war – there can only be one… oh and there is Flurry

Image from Engadget.com
Image from Engadget.com

It seems a war is about to be waged and the weapons of choice are finger gestures!  Engadget has a great in-depth article on iPhone vs the Pre that deals with patents.  I find it interesting the kind of publicity this is generating.  Think about the players and the communities and see if you prioritize the coolness factor of each major player in mobile tech:

  • BlackBerry Storm
  • T-Mobile G1
  • ATT iPhone
  • Sprint Palm Pre
  • Countless WinMo devices
  • Countless Symbian devices

Based on hype, here is my take:

1. Sprint Palm Pre

The real challenger to the iPhone.  It has a cutesy design with killer UI.  Development environment looks inviting and many features mirror the iPhone.

2. ATT iPhone

The standard in coolness.  Regardless the marketshare Blackberry has, the momentum the iPhone is enjoying is hard to ignore.  It seems all smartphones are compared to it.

3. T-Mobile G1

Android OS is very cool, the phone is not. Press has been on the fence with this one.  Everyone is waiting for the next handset.

4. Blackberry Storm

It seems this phone did not have a great start and though patches are starting to flow, the general press still have the phone in a negative light.

5. WinMo

A dying breed looking for new juice in the form of 6.5.  Many handsets out there but there does not seem to be much traction on excitement.  Like for instance the HTC Touch Pro, ooohs and aaahs for the hardware and ugh, it is a winmo device.

6. Symbian

um… who?

Popular media should be the last place to follow if you want an unbiased opion on any of the phones.  But the truth of the matter, it is the media that help hype up the product people will buy and the more publicity you can get, the better.


On the development side of things, I found this cool site that allows you to track your mobile apps across one or multiple platforms.  It is called Flurry.  Has anyone used them?  The service is free for now and looks very much like Google Analytics but for mobile app development.  I am going to check them out.

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