Must not stay up…all night

So I pulled myself away from Warhawk so that I can get some sleep and be ready for all the family things we have planned for tomorrow. I cannot do what I use to with Planetside (stay up all night and live on three hours of sleep).

I finally got onto a rank server so that my actions will count. I still suck, but suck less. My fav move is to dump chaffs when you get a missile lock then do an afterburn air slide to face the punk that is trying to pump you up with missiles only to see your guns flooding his screen. Worked for two great kills. I would like to have more breathing room but damn, the air is flooded with warhawks!

So far I have been doing air-only battles but not by choice. I would love to try some of the ground tactics but servers are hard to get onto. Between Europe and the US, my server list averages about 1200. Even 32 man battles fill up too quickly. I hope Sony will add more rank servers to help alleviate the load.

All in all, the game kicks arse. Yes it is not that deep but man is it fun. Surround sound works nicely and the bluetooth headset included with the game performed flawlessly. Nothing beats an air battle on the large screen! Well I got Den duties for my son’s cubscouts tomorrow. See you online!


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