My Dream

As I work on my get rich project, I am frustrated with my gear. It is not that it is terribly slow as coding does not need a lot of horsepower. With the family always on the go, it would be nice is to code where-ever you want to. I have been using recycled desktops for my family and I am a bit tired of that type of hardware. I would love new laptops for Keyla and me. Here is my dream for the both of us.

Keyla is a Mac lover. She used our very old Titanium 15 laptop for all it is worth. From managing our home finances to our playlists, she is very dependent on the mobility it provides. For her, here is what I would like to get:

Apple Mac Book with 2 GB of ram and 200 GB hard drive for around $1,800. I would love to get her the Mac Book Pro but the cost quickly went way north of $2000. I believe we can figure out a way to get this great little laptop.

I need portability as well. I move around a lot and have a lot of great ideas I need to trap and try. I would like to get an HP Pavilion tx1000z series laptop with 2 GB of ram and 250 GB hard drive for around $1,500. It is small and it had a touchscreen, what more can a guy ask for?

The cost for these two would equal one hell of a desktop computer but our lifestyle is completely different with kids now. We are mobile and we need tech that is mobile as well. I am going to try to see what I can do to make this happen. We both need new computers that can go with us. It is amazing how much your life changes with kids. Things that you needed without them changes now that they are here. Cool and crazy at the same time.


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