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After a long day at the office, nothing feels better than to have your kids jump into your arms and tell you all the great things they did. Better yet, after playing with the kiddos, you have this wonderful warm feeling from within as the dinner being cooked slowly fills the home with it’s aroma. BETTER YET, after a great meal and tucking in the kids, nothing can beat the feeling of watching the latest Hollywood Blu-ray release or gaming on a 106″ screen piping sound to a discrete 7.1 channel system built around Denon and Paradigms. Yes, I believe every home should have a theater. The picture above is our main hangout. Out in the living room, I have a 5.1 Paradigm setup with an Integra receiver feeding to a very sad 32″ CRT (UPGRADE soon! UPDATE: 52 Sony XBR LCD is here).

The kiddos love both setups as each serves a purpose. The living room has a lot of space to run and play, perfect place for the Nintendo Wii. The theater room has the higher-end gear, a great place for the Sony Playstation 3. 5.1 minimum surround sound to support the impending move to digital broadcast and gigabit networking to all the rooms for media server goodness. It is nice to have a home that has no limitations with technology. Buying a home is fun. Being there while it is being built, priceless.


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