My iPad Pre-app Load List

So in prep for my iPad arriving next week, I decided to look for apps to support my workflow. I know many have tried to only survive with an iPad as the only computer for work but that is just silly.  My MacBook can take care of all my power needs.  Well almost, I have a Core i7 at home for gaming, I mean come on, gaming is in my blood.

The point of the iPad is to treat it like a composition book that can export.  The device is similar to my netbook, except I can lay it flat and hopefully take notes like I love to do on my notepad (yeah, I still handwrite notes in meeting and then enter them into Google Docs. Handwriting helps with cognition for me).

For annotation and note taking:

  • Audionote – The ability to take notes while audio recording and have those notes timestamp would be stellar.  Hopefully it works as advertise
  • Padnotes – The ability to annotate anything and then export it as a pdf or image sounds like a perfect fit for the iPad:

For web html5-optimized tools:

For productivity tools:

Fun things I will do on my iPad:

  • Create a portfolio of my best photos
  • Use the ipad on my photo shoots with people (camera kit purchased)
  • Create simple html 5 games (i.e. dot game, connect 4, tic-tac-toe)
  • Find audio books with supplemental reading text! I use to check out in the library audio CDs with workbooks to learn a language.  The iPad SHOULD simplify this approach!

For video-conferencing (limited):

The new iPhone 4G should help in the last item as I understand I may be getting one as a Father’s Day gift.  It is a wonderful month for this gadget freak, I love my fam!


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