My new iphone is old already?

Image from Electricpig.co.uk
Image from Electricpig.co.uk

Now granted I arrived to the iphone 3G a bit late in the game so it was expected that the shelf life of my phone would be fairly short.  I just did not expect it to be six months short!  Rumors are flying fast around the tubes about a possible hardware refresh of the much loved iphone.  With talks of the background notification for apps, Adobe Flash support, and maybe even video phone capabilities, much requiring a potential hardware update, it may be time for this boy to start saving his pennies again when the time comes to buy yet another new phone.

I am not angry for the fierce refresh cycle Apple is on, in fact I encourage it and hope to support it.  With such strong challengers such as the Android platform, WebOS and the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ WinMo 6.5, it makes sense that Apple keeps their IP fresh and relevant in the public eye.  The real question will be developer support.  Within 24 months, we will have phones capable of truly blurring the lines of desktop-like web experience.  Will there still be a need to develop dedicated applications on individual platforms or will we move to a unified mobile web standard? Time will tell…

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