My poor HD72 but there is hope!

My Optoma HD72’s bulb is acting up.  It has about 780 hours on it and now it cuts out within minutes of powering up.  I love this projector and hope to keep it going for what I paid for.  It rocks on 1080p material from Blu-ray (scalar is not bad) and just kills on 720p stuff.  Color is rich and the image is vibrant.  Blacks are better than expect, though not as good as my Sony’s 52XBR4 (ridiculous blacks levels).  It looks like I am not the only one with this problem.  I will contact Optoma and see what my options are.  In the meantime, it looks like I may be upgrading my projector any ways.  Check out TI’s latest tech bump on DLPs!  Can you imagine owning a PJ that does not use bulbs, is 50% brighter AND have true black levels (500,000:1)?  All this in a quieter and energy effiecent box.  My HD72 is fairly quiet now, hardly audible above the dialog but to go LED on 106″ just makes me shiver.  I may not have a hard time conviencing Keyla to let me jump on board when these bad boys hit the market.  She really loves our theater room and do enjoy belting out tunes in SingStar on the big screen.  God I love her!

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