Netflix on Android?

As I start to build the object map of my app that will be built on the Android SDK, I begin to think of what APIs I would like to use. Google’s set is a no brainer but what about other tools? A silly thought crossed my mind on how cool it would be to watch 30 Rock or Heroes on the G1 from Netflix. No sooner did that nugget hit my grey matter, Engadget posted that Netflix will open it’s API to all developers. My mind is flooded with possibilities. NO MORE MS IE for instant watch (I hope anyways). Life is golden.

3 thoughts on “Netflix on Android?

  1. The instant watch feature still depends on silverlight, so its not possible to stream instant videos yet.

    However the Netflix API does allow QueueMAn to easily manage all your queues right from any android device. you can easily search, add, move and delete movies.

    I urge your reader (and yourself) to have a look, http://trac.webbmaster.org/queueman. The site includes screenshots and a full feature list and user manual.

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