Netflix on PS3… me want streaming video?

I complained a lot on why anyone would stream movies over the Internet, especially services that claim to stream true HD (the key here kiddies is TRUE HD). Well, over the last couple of months, I took a very old laptop that had a decent video card and hooked it up to my Sony 52XBR4 set. I have two wireless access points, one upstairs in the master closet and one downstairs in the office to ensure I have no dropouts. I hate to admit but the quality was actually not that bad on the set and there were no buffering issues streaming Netflix movies over a wireless connection on the LCD. I also love the fact that any movie we stopped midway through to watch at another time will start where we last left off. As much as we enjoy the convenience of streaming our movies, I am not sure a Netflix stream would look good blown up to 106″ but I will like to give it a try. It seems I may have the opportunity as there is some talk out there that Netflix may be thinking of giving PS3 owners a disc to fire up the movie stream. I know Sony is about to release their own service so I am curious on how this will all pan out. It may just noise but if it does turn out to be true, I will be first in line to pick up a disc.

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