New life for my PRS-500

PRS-500-ebookBeing a bleeding edge kind of guy, I typically have a lot of first gen tech that gathers dust in my closet or handed down to my children.  That is the nature of buying edge products, you basically pay a premium to beta test a product that will be updated under 13 months with features requested at a lower cost (mostly).  I do not have a problem with that, well actually my wife at times does but thankfully she gets me and understand why I have to take the plunge.

It is a rarity that a product long forgotten be allowed to join the ranks of it’s updated brothers and sisters and still be part of the tech race.  So it was wonderful to see Sony do just that for my aging PRS-500 reader:

We recognize that you were one of the first to take the digital reading leap with Sony. As part of our commitment to providing an open solution to our customers, we are excited to inform you we will be converting the current eBook format to the industry-standard ePub format. This will occur at The eBook Store from Sony in mid-December, 2009.

Sony has created a firmware update for your Reader, allowing it to remain compatible with the new eBook Store format. This update will allow your PRS-500 to support the ePub and Adobe DRM format and add the ability to re-flow PDF documents.

Due to the nature of the work required, you will need to send your PRS-500 Reader to the Sony Service Centers for updating. Sony will pay the postage and have your Reader back to you within 14 days.

Re-flow PDF documents, oh how those words warms my heart.  I will ship my Reader back to Sony and await for it’s return.  Thank you Sony for rewarding those who were willing to take the bleeding edge plunge.

Here is the link for those who are in the same boat as me.


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