Nikon D300

If I was on the fence and looking at which prosumer camera to buy (Canon or Nikon), I would lean toward Nikon as the new D300 looks to finally trump Canon. In the recent past, Nikon Dxxx series were always compared to Canon’s xxD bodies. Time and again, Canon’s superior CMOS sensor would always prevail with low noise. It seems Nikon finally dumped their CCD chips and went over to CMOS. Not only that, they also added pro-level auto-focus engine with 51-AF selection points. 51 points, on a prosumer-level camera! This camera kind of smokes the recently announced 40D with it’s paltry 9-point AF system. Hey, I use a similar system on my 5D and it works well but I always wanted to play with an AF system that has greater than 15 AF points like the 1Ds Mark III (which by the way, the camera of my dreams). All there is left is to see if the Nikon CMOS sensor can hold it’s own against Canon’s. With a new processor, more durable shutter, higher res lcd screen, and ridiculous amount of AF points, it seems Nikon did not want to just one up Canon, they set a whole new standard. I am a Canon lover but have to give it up to Nikon for not conceding defeat when it looked like Canon was heading down the path of being the king of prosumer slrs. Come on Canon, give me these features in the next version of the 5D!


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