No Courier made me sad. So I bought an iPad instead

Well it has been a long break from this blog and a lot has happened in my absence. I have been spending a lot of time evaluating HD telepresence solutions, working on computer labs in the cloud and brushing up my skills on HTML 5/CSS 3.  All of this has kept me so busy that I have not purchased a new toy for some time now.  I had hoped my next mobile toy would have been the Microsoft Courier and I was saving my pennies for that one.  But sadly MS decided to move on and so did I.  With the support of my family, I went ahead and picked up the 64GB wi-fi 3G iPad.  Was that wise?  I would not be riding the edge if I did not grab the 1st gen product that rebooted the tablet market.  So I eagerly await for it’s arrival.

What are my expectations for the iPad?  Much the same as I had for the iPhone.  Remember, I went Android first and then converted not because iPhone was a more compelling product (which it was in retrospect) but rather T-Mobile had terrible coverage compared to ATT.  I will explore the apps then try to build a few myself.  Nothing in native yet, but rather web apps.

One thing I see will be useful right off the bat will be the camera kit.  Combine the iPad with my T2i, this would make a great combo for photo shoots.  The ability to quickly review your shots with a client on a sexy cool slate would be stellar.

With the iPad on it’s way and the impending purchase of the next iPhone, I think my gadget quota will be set for a bit…until the WebOS HP tablet hits the market that is.


One thought on “No Courier made me sad. So I bought an iPad instead

  1. I'm interested in how the iPad treats you. I'm interested in getting one as well, once I have a disposable income to throw away on electronics, of course. 🙂

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