No Pix, I’m the coach

For those of you looking for pics of my kids games this week, sorry I took none. As Ruben’s coach, I had my hands full. My team came together today! Good job James H, James, Vin, Joe, Tom, Ethan, and Ruben. We miss you Will and Jake. My bunch of 7-year-olds finally stop collapsing on the ball and worked on zones. Centering the kick on goal, talking to each other on who they got on defense and not all running to the ball but rather setting up a goal shot or defending their goal. My team is doing great. Ruben is now going after the ball when it comes his way. I could not be more proud. Though we lost, we held our own against a much bigger and faster Brazil team. In our last meeting, they blanket us 6-0. Today we held strong 4-2. It would be tied, but two shots were really our fault. We got a little too excited. I love the effort they are putting in during practice as they work and listen to my instruction. I think Brazil and France, the two strongest teams in our league, better pay extra attention to team England. We are ready for the playoffs. GO TEAM ENGLAND!


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