Noticing more 3400 Kbps on Netflix


I do not have a cool Roku box (would like one though) or an xbox 360 (will never happen), so for my family to enjoy Netflix streaming in the living room, I took an old laptop I had and rebuilt it with the most basic installs of Windows XP (Netflix at the time did not run on anything else). Connecting the lappy to my 52″ LCD through VGA and setting the external display to 1920×1080 60Hz, I had a nice looking computer desktop! Using a bluetooth keyboard, wireless G connection on DSL, and mini-rca audio out to the TV, I had a functional Netflix/Hulu/Joost player for the fam.

Lately we have been watching a lot of streaming movies (makes sense since we do not have cable/satellite just OTA), and starting to enjoy the higher bitrates Netflix has been pumping out, especially newer films at 3400 Kbps.  The sharpness is very similar to DVD and nicely saturated with minimal motion artifacts.  It makes watching ‘The Office’ or ‘Heroes’ episodes we missed just a bit more enjoyable.  Below is a futile attempt at showing a sample clip of LOTR using my Zi6.  Keep up the good work Netflix, looking forward to more content like this!

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