Old but important news – Baca oil drilling

I meant to post this yesterday but was too busy to do so. It seems a Canadian oil company has the rights to drill for oil in the Baca county. So what, right? Well since I use to work at Colorado College, this triggered some personal interest. You see, CC has a remote campus down in the Baca county that is not that far from the proposed drilling.

I only been to the campus once. It was with Davey as we installed new network gear and a server to provide remote access back to Colorado Springs. The town was small and everything shuts down after four which Davey and I thought was very odd. It was so remote that the stars were a sight to behold; however the walk from the lab back to the dorm rooms we were staying at was a bit frightful. Hearing wolves howl nearby quickly reinforce the fact that we were not alone. Though our stay was not long, it did allow us to imagine how cool it must be to have classes in such a remote location.

I do hope a solution can be found to prevent drilling but that may not be possible. Kind of makes me a hypocrite as I dive my fossil fuel-driven minivan to say this but it is sad to see such beauty that will soon be lost due to our endless craving for more fuel.


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