P90X is done, how about rings?

I got the P90X program as a gift from Keyla and finally put in the 90 days needed for completion.  Now I did not end up with monster arms and killer abs (I will never give up my burgers/fries/pizza diet) but I am pleased with my increase strength and endurance given the fact that 90% of the program is only using your body weight as the resistance.  The problem now is that I am bored with it.  The P90X program is still intense and I sweat like water through a sieve when I do the daily workouts but my mind all ready knows what is next in the routine.  I need something else.  Enter screen left, my friends from the gym..

Everyday at lunch, I head to the campus gym where I work out.  There I have a few guys that either run with me or help me with sets.  One of my friends, John, started to do a program called, “Building the Gymnastic Body” with rings.  When he taught me the L sit pull-ups and the tuck front lever (read this for more info) on his rings, I was hooked!  The rings keeps you honest.  No matter how strong you feel or how impressive the weight stack you put on your bar, you will feel silly weak when working through the rings daily workout sets.  Now that I had a taste of the precious, I needed to find ways of doing more.  The first thing I needed to keep practicing at home was a set of rings for myself.  I could order a pair but there are two problems with that:

1) I am cheap when it comes to exercise equipment
2) I am impatient.  When I want something, I want it NOW!

So I went to Home Depot to build my rings.  Here is my purchase list:

The finished product can be seen on the right (at least one of the rings).  To build the rings, here is what I did.  The 12 gauge wire is already in ring form, cut out strips of duct tape and tightly wrap around sections of the wire to hold them tight (near where the plastic ties are when you remove the coiled wire from the bag). Clip the plastic ties and keep wrapping  the coiled wire with one layer of duct tape.

Selecting a location on the ring where you want the strap, take a screw driver and notch out two wire strands to create an opening. Do this on each side of the ring, this will create a path for the strap to move when you raise or lower the rings and keep the strap in place when you workout.

When you done with the duct tape layer, add the tennis racket tape around the ring starting and stopping at the notched area for the strap.  Run your straps through the loop, attach to ceiling (or high pull up bars) and away you go!  I highly recommend that you also get a set of workout gloves as the rings will do a number on your palms and fingers.

Be patient as the rings will set a baseline on what you can, but most likely, cannot do.  I have no aspirations for being a gymnast but damn if I do not respect them even more now that I am performing their most basic moves.  Give it a shot, it will be the most fun you have working out.

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