Paper trail in the digital world


The other day I was required to update my insurance information. I find it interesting that in this day and age we are still using paper as our primary mode of information exchange with regards to personal data. With the cost of healthcare spinning out of control, one must wonder where are the oppertunities to help aliviate the bleeding. If I look at it on a personal, I see the paper trail as a massive drag on cost. Think about that for a minute on the number of hands that will need to touch my record. From the person who transfers my paper information to the people that manages the accounts of a region. We are not even talking about the number of hands that touch my record during a doctor’s visit or when I fill out a prescription. Now take one individual’s data and multiply that by tens of millions. One sheet of paper enacts a process of wasteful spending that though I worry about, have no solution for. Why? Because to aliviate that cost factor will require the removal of countless hands and elevated unemployment.

So as I sat and waited, I accept the necessary need to perform this task. Adding tech is not always a possibility when trying to mobilize a society.

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