PC gaming – I can never go back

Since the birth of my kiddos and the desire to be in every aspect of their lives, I left the pc gaming community behind as I no longer had the time or the money to keep my rig up to date. I shifted over to consoles like PS3 and the Wii to get my fix when I need it which still cannot replace legends like Planetside, Starcraft or even C&C, but it works ok. Looking at the video hardware that is coming out like the new Nvidia GeForce 9800GX2, makes me realized that I cannot go back. The video card looks like a friggin blade server! I mean quad-core video to match your new quad-core procs and liquid cooled 4 GB of DDR2 memory attached to a SATA raid array displayed across four 24″ 6ms LCD monitors, all piping through a 15/15 Mbps up/down FiOS connection at your home. I will have to settle with a PS3 and a 3/512 Mbps/kbps up/down to game between coaching and school work duties. At least the image is big enough. Any regrets? Heck no, my kids kick arse on their skills tests during soccer tryouts!  What more can I ask for?


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