Posting from the PS3 on the BIG SCREEN

I just finish watching a pre-season football game on Fox and decided that I should try to post to my blog from my theater. I have posted from a mac, pocketpc, sms, pc and now from the PS3. It is odd to see the text on such a large screen and the built-in web browser on the PS3 is not bad. It did not render the editing tools for WP but at least I have access to the text boxes. With the arrival of Warhawk on Tuesday, I think I will be spending a lot of time in this room. I may have to get use to posting from here. Oh it was nice that the PS3 picked up my old wireless keyboard without any trouble. Connected the receiver to one of the usb ports and started typing… very cool. If anyone out there want to jump in and try to game with me, I will be going in as my PS3 profile Zuir. Look for me Tuesday night…Game on!


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